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There are a lot of factors that can influence the cost of asbestos removal besides the amount of asbestos to be removed, things such as trees or obstacles along fence lines, accessibility, steep roof slopes, heights and location of the material, so use this price list as a rough guide only.

The only way to know for sure what a job will cost is to get quotes from real world contractors. Use the form on this site to get quotes from licensed asbestos removal contractors from your area.

Sending through photos of the work you require to be completed is the best way of getting a cheaper price. This saves the contractor having to visit your property to quote on the job.

The more square meters of asbestos you have that needs to be removed, the cheaper the price will be per square meter. So sometimes it pays to get a quote for all the asbestos on your property.

In some cases, especially in the case of internal asbestos cladding, the best choice is to leave the material in place, as long as it is not damaged and in good condition.

Painting over asbestos sheeting will seal in the fibers and can be used as an alternative to removal.

Removal of asbestos from inside housing is dangerous and generally very expensive due to the safety procedures that have to be followed and the extensive cleanup that has to be conducted after work has been complete.

If internal asbestos removal is not conducted properly your entire house will be contaminated, all the fabrics in the house will trap asbestos fibers, including your carpets, curtains, bedding, clothing, footwear, any fabric will trap asbestos fiber and become contaminated.

Where possible asbestos sheeting located inside a house should be left in place, as long as the sheeting is intact and painted it poses no risk to health.

If you wish to confirm that the inside of your house is free from asbestos contamination after work has being completed an asbestos fiber air monitoring analysis will set you back between $1,000 to $1,500.

External asbestos products such as fencing, roofing and external cladding are subjected to weathering. Hail storms, rain and wind, all these factors will erode asbestos sheeting releasing fibers into the surrounding environment. This erosion of asbestos will slowly contaminate the surrounding environment.

If you have small children playing in the backyard it may be wise to get rid of this hazardous material. Younger children seem to be particularly susceptible to the effects of asbestos fiber inhalation.

People who are most ask risk from developing asbestos exposure health complications are females, babies and young children and smokers.

One study showed that a smoker was 80 times more likely to die from an asbestos disease than a non smoker who had similar asbestos exposure. A recent study that finished in 2004 found there was a 250% increase in asbestos related deaths, for men from exposure caused by D.I.Y renovations. In women there was an increase of 700%.

A single high dose exposure of asbestos is enough to cause health problems later in life. People have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure. They did not have occupational exposure to the material. Upon further investigations it is often revealed that while they were a baby or child they had lived in an asbestos clad house that had been renovated while they were living there.



Complete dig out and disposal. To properly remove an asbestos fence the entire sheet needs to be removed. If the entire sheet is not removed then it will create a problem with installing a new fence, as the new fence has to go in exactly the same place as the old one.

This a price guide only. There are many factors that influence the price of removing asbestos fencing especially things like vines and trees growing on or near the fence line. Clay. concrete and trees next to the fence will increase the prices.

0-10 meters: Minimum $300. Thereafter $50 per sheet

10-30 meters: $40 per sheet.

30-80 meters: $35 per sheet.

80 meters+: $30 per sheet.

1 sheet = 1 meter.

Vines, trees and concrete next to the fence line may increase the price of removal. A clear block will probably get you a cheaper price.


If sheeting has been dug out/removed and stacked out on the verge the price is $25 dollars a sheet for smaller jobs (under 20 sheets).

$20 a sheet for amounts over 20 meters. Min charge $200.

If you have the sheets wrapped in black plastic and placed on blocks left next to the road – $15 a sheet.

Higher prices would probably be applicable if the sheeting has been broken up into many pieces during removal and the access is poor, also large roofing sheets would be charged at a higher rate, due to the cost of disposal.



0-20 meters: $350 minimum. $70 per square meter.

20-100 meters: $50 per square meter.

100+ meters: $35 per square meter.

Industrial amounts, arrange a meeting to discuss requirements.

The two things that would effect the price of a roof are the height and gradient of the roof. The higher the roof the higher the price and the steeper the gradient the higher the price. The reverse also applies.



4 by 3 shed: $1300

5 by 3 shed: $1500

6 by 3 shed: $1750

8 by 4 shed : $1900

For asbestos removal only (leaving the shed frame intact) take 300 dollars of the price.

Sheds larger than 8 by 4 will be charged at the rate of $60 per square meter. This is for the removal of asbestos and complete demolition of the shed frame.

Concrete slab removal is charged at the rate of $40 per square meter.

Sheds that are overgrown with vines, have poor access or internal asbestos walls would attract a higher price.


0-50 meters: $40 per square meter. Minimum $350.

50+ meters: $30 per square meter.




0-20 meters: $500 Minimum charge. $70 per square meter.

20-100 meters: $50 per square meter.

100+ meters: $35 per square meter.

If air monitoring is required after removal has been completed this will generally add $1000 dollars to the price of removal.



0-10 lineal meters: Minimum charge $350. $50 per meter.

10-50 lineal meters: $40 per meter.

50+ lineal meters: $35 per meter.

Eaves that are located on 2 story properties will be charged at a higher rate.



0-20 square meters: $500 dollars minimum charge. $100 Dollars a square meter.

20-80 square meters: $75 a square meter.

80 meters plus: $50 a square meter.



0-20 square meters: $500 minimum charge. $70 per square meter.

20-100 square meters: $50 per square meter.

100 meter plus: $40 per square meter.



Removal of any asbestos pipe internally will cost a minimum of $500. We will have to inspect the premises in order to effectively gauge an accurate price.


Asbestos testing is the only way to get a definitive answer on weather the material contains asbestos fibers or not. This can be useful when planning a renovation and are unsure of what the material contains.



Asbestos audit will generally cost $299 including G.S.T, depending on the size of the property, an audit identifies all places asbestos is present in your home by a trained professional in identification.

An audit includes written report on the condition of the materials, steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of any asbestos present and weather they pose a danger to health.


Asbestos Fencing, Dig Out and Disposal.

Small Jobs – fifteen sheets or less $75 per sheet.

Medium Jobs – fifteen sheets up to 50 sheets $40-$60 per sheet.

Large Jobs – 50 sheets plus $30-$50 per sheet.

Fencing jobs can have a wide variation in price. Trees and other obstacles on the fence line will make removal of the sheets more difficult and increase the cost of removal.

Asbestos Shed Removal. Cladding and Frame Removal.

Total shed area under 20 square meters – $80 to $100 per square meter.

Most other sheds are between 20-60 square meters. Removal will generally cost between. $60-$80 dollars per square meter.

Other factors besides shed size play a role in determining the removal price.

Access to the work site is a big part of determining the price of shed removal.


Asbestos Roofing and Tiles. Removal and Disposal.

Small jobs 0-50 meters $80.00 per square meter.

Medium jobs – 50-100 meters $40-$60 per square meter.

Large Jobs – 100-300 meters $20-$30 per square meter.

Industrial – 300+ call for a quote.


Asbestos cladding. Found on Sheds and Houses.

Small Jobs – up to 50 square meters $50 per square meter.

Medium Jobs – from 50 to 100 square meters $30-50 per square meter.

Large Jobs – 100 square meters plus. $30 per square meter.



Small Jobs – up to 10 meters $55 per meter.

Medium Jobs – 10 meters to 30 meters $40 per meter.

Large Jobs – 30 meters plus $30 per meter.


Internal work – ceilings, internal cladding, bathrooms etc.

Medium Jobs – $50-$70 per square meter.

Large Jobs – $30 – $50 per square meter.

A single average sized room. After removal rooms will need to be vacuumed with a .3 micron vacuum.


Asbestos Disposal for materials you have removed yourself.

If you have chosen to remove asbestos yourself, then you can either get a skip bin on site, or transport it to a disposal site.

Fill out the on line inquiry form to get quotes for an asbestos skip bin in Melbourne. A lot of skip bin companies will not take asbestos, so save yourself the effort of ringing around and fill out the form to get three quotes.

Another option you have available to dispose of asbestos you have removed yourself is to get an asbestos removal contractor. Once again fill out the inquiry form and receive three quotes from independent companies.







More than 50 sheets.$25 per sheet for cleared fence line with no obstacles. $35 -$38 per sheet for fence line with trees, reticulation, concrete etc etc. $50 dollars per sheet would probably apply to jobs where the fence bottom is imbedded in clay. When removing an asbestos fence a contractor must abide by their license conditions which states that when removing an asbestos fence, the entire sheet must be removed. Snapping sheets off at ground level and leaving the bottom of the sheet still in the ground is a violation of license conditions.


Less than 50 sheets

Usually contractors will have a minimum charge of between $250 – $350. The average price for asbestos fence removal for job under 50 sheets is $35 dollars per sheet, this is for relatively clear fence lines. The price will increase to $38, $45 and $50 dollars per sheet, depending on the perceived difficulty of removing the sheeting. For small very difficult jobs where the fence line is over grown with vines, large trees, concrete both sides of the fence and thing like that a contractor may charge in excess of $50. Generally a contractor will not charge more than $100 per sheet, no matter how difficult the work.

Most roofing jobs involve the entire roof being removed from a residential property. The cost for an average sized single story house roof to be removed should be between $3,500 – $5,500, depending on the size of the house and other factors. One important issue to discuss is the removal of insulation, after an asbestos roof is removed all insulation should be removed and the roof cavity vacuumed out, then new insulation installed. Some types of insulation will require a vacuum truck to remove the insulation; this can add thousands to the cost of a roof removal. Then new insulation has to be installed by a separate contractor.

Shed removal costs roughly $80 per square meter for an average sized shed. The larger the shed the less you can expect to pay per square meter. Concrete slab removal will cost around $40 per square meter. If you want to the frame of the shed to be kept intact, you could expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars less on the total price.


For the averaged sized single story three or four bedroom house in Perth for the entire perimeter of eaves to be removed should cost $1,500 – $2,500. If you only want one side of the house removed expect to pay around $700 dollars, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. If the eaves are located on the second story a site inspection will generally be required to give an accurate price estimate.


External cladding removal for an entire house, three or four bedroom should cost between $4,000 and $6,000 dollars. For a job of this size most companies will want to do a site inspection to give you an accurate quote. There are many types of cladding and some types of cladding can be harder to remove than others. Popcorn cladding in particular can make finding the nails to be removed very difficult indeed, contractors may charge above $6,000 dollars to remove an entire house worth of popcorn cladding. As a guide for smaller jobs expect to pay a minimum of $350 and $15 – $40 per square meter. Once again the more square meters to be removed the cheaper your quote will be.


Removal of internal asbestos sheeting is one of the more dangerous jobs an asbestos removal contractor can perform. If a contractor follows incorrect procedure then the inside of your property can become asbestos contaminated. So choosing an experienced contractor for the job is recommended and don’t be afraid to ask questions about safety procedures the contractor intends to be taking to ensure a safe removal. In the event that asbestos fibers are spread through your home, all fabric items will have to be discarded, fabric traps asbestos. Things like carpets, curtains, bedding and clothing will all have to be thrown away and replaced if asbestos contamination occurs. Internal asbestos removal will cost about $1,000 – $1,500 a room. A face to face consultation is recommended and most companies will send out a representative to give you a firm quote on a job anyway.



Asbestos Fencing, Dig Out Required.

Average price to remove 10 meters $750.

Average price to remove 30 meters $1,500.

Average price to remove 100 meters $4,000.

Asbestos Fencing. Fence Not Buried.

Average price to remove 10 meters $750.

Average price to remove 30 meters $1250

Average price to remove 100 meters $3000

Asbestos Guttering

Small single story house $2,250

Small Double Story House $2,750

Large Single Story House $3,000

Large double story house $3,500

Vinyl Flooring

Average price to remove 30 square meters $3000

Average price to remove 60 square meters $5,500

Average price to remove 100 square meters $8,500

Internal Asbestos Removal

Small room $2,250

Large room $3,000

External Cladding

Average price to remove 30 square meters $1,250

Average price to remove 50 square meters $1,750

Average price to remove 100 square meters $3,250


Small single story house $2,500

Small double story house $3,500

Large single story house $3,000

Large double story house $4000